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Our Mission:

"Help us say thank you to the soldiers and their families for their service and sacrifice."

We are a private group of patriotic individuals who honor the men and women of our fighting forces by facilitating special "thank you" events to soldiers and their spouses. This is achieved through local and charitable fundraising and with the help of UnitedMilitaryDiscounts.com.

The details of each event are unique, albeit strictly adhering to these guidelines:
  1. Absolutely no Politicians or Politics - our events exist to honor our soldiers and their families - and them alone.
  2. Everything for the Troops is free.
  3. Most events to include spouses/significant others.
To learn more, please visit the DEPLOYING P.D.E. page.

Like to Volunteer?

It is easy to organize and put on one of these events, either as it's leader or helper. If you have a sincere interest in thanking our wonderful military and their families, please feel free to contact us (edb@unitedmilitarydiscounts.com), and I will either walk you through the process, or have you join us directly. It is our goal to have these events done all over the United State of America. We can't do enough to thank our troops for their service and sacrifice.

Free Upcoming Events:

  • More events to come, please check back soon.

Past Events:

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